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Community Mentorship Program

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Develop your leadership skills. Join our community mentorship program.

Providing young people with the skills they need to become well-rounded community leaders is a key component of The Tribe.  One way to achieve this goal is by offering a mentorship program.  We are fortunate to have an endless number of people in our community who are both accomplished professionally and devote substantial time to giving back. 

Our mentorship program creates multi-generational relationships that develop between two individuals, where the mentor provides counsel in the realm of community leadership, support through potential networking opportunities, and an example as a role model.  

Once the program is complete the mentee will have greater understanding about how to balance professional commitments with philanthropic opportunities.  The mentor will gain new perspectives and ways of thinking, and gain a great sense of personal satisfaction with helping to maintain the continuity of Jewish community leadership here in South Florida.

The Tribe’s program involves a 6-hour commitment over a period of two months.  Interested mentees can apply online. Interested mentors should please contact us.